Thursday, August 22, 2013


     “He whispers in my ear, tells me that I’m fearless.”

     These words are the opening line of a worship song that I love to sing by Gateway Worship called "All He Says I Am." Although I love to sing it, I find it hard to apply the words to my life. 

     Fearless? That conjures up a visual of a super hero to me. I am not a super hero.

     I’m a taskmaster. I can knock out a to do list in short order. I am responsible. I manage my home, my job and my relationships with clarity and vision.

     But fearless? No.

     And yet, hearing those words excites me. I want to be fearless–so full of faith that I never question what He whispers in my ear to do. When He asks me if I trust Him I can say “Yes, of course I do.”

     Instead I tend to remember how hard it is to give up my desire to control the outcome of every situation. Do I trust Him? Sometimes.

     Being fearless means my hands are open, palm up, ready to receive what He places there.

     “I am all. He says I am.”

     Being unable to please everyone all the time has created chaos in me for most of my life. Feeling inadequate when I couldn’t be everything someone needed me to be has also been a curse.

     To believe wholeheartedly that I am all would regulate my breathing in a way nothing else ever could.

     It all sounds so simple when you sing it in a worship song. Why do I make it so difficult?
Because He didn’t make us to be drones that march out His orders. We have a story and a face and a name. Our stories intertwine with many other stories. We get to choose our course of action.

     When we listen to His whispers and decide to choose His path, we not only add depth to our story, but also to the stories of others.

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