Monday, December 14, 2015

Read the book, bought the tee

     During a weekend away at the beach, I devoured Erika Morrison’s book, Bandersnatch.

She encourages us to explore our unconventional soul and she asks us in a way that is 

poetic, lyrical, and forever outside the box.

     Life is not about “going out and fulfilling self-serving acts so that we can feel good 

about ourselves. It’s about being one, being whole, being a family, and being catalysts of 

love and healing back and forth.”

     I bought this book because I fell in love with Morrison’s words on her blog,

The Life Artist. I’ll read it again and again to keep the words fresh in my heart, especially 

when legalism rears up and stops me in my tracks.

     Buy it for yourself and then buy it for the friends who will inevitably come to mind as you 

read it. I know many who have been disappointed by man-made church life and they have 

walked away. I get it. I'm still too Protestant to walk completely away, but so many times 

I’ve felt like I was on the outside looking in through the pretty stained glass windows. I 

couldn’t live up to the expectations that put Jesus and God and Holy Spirit in a pretty box. 

Everything in me wanted to bust right out of the box and scream, “NO! He made me to be so 

much more than you allow me to be.”

     The words of Morrison’s heart echo that and put an exclamation point on abandoning 

boxes and heading straight to the source and saying to Him, “You made me. What now? 

Where are you leading me?” I dare say the answer will be astonishing and unlike anyone 

else's answer.
     Go check out this clip she asked me to share, then go buy Bandersnatch and unwrap your 

unconventional soul this Christmas. 

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